Site Testimonials
1.    Thanks to your website, i found the sister of my puggle. She comes from the same place, same d-o-b and she looks just like Mushu. Her name ? Chica ! :) And it's amazing to see how we are all puggle fanatics ! :)
  Arnaud D.

2.    I actually looked on here and found a breeder that was local. I was able to get my puggle and I absolutely love her. I couldn't have asked for a greater dog!
  Chelsey C.

3.    We found our adorable and loving puggle from your rescue ads. We love her and she is a great addition to our family. Forums are great ideas and general info! Keep up the great work!
  Kelley W.

4.    Amazing and inspirational website!
  Jase C.

5.    Incredible website. By far the best Puggle resource on the web! I will link to your breed information page from my website.
  James P.

6.    I have talked to so many people who just love our snuggle puggles! I look at this site daily because there's so much information on it and I learn something new every day. Keep up the GREAT job!
  Brenda L.

7.    I have been a member for a year now and almost daily check out the site. I like the forum. I have answered questions for others and had my questions answered by others. What a wealth of knowledge about Puggles. PS Of course I luv all the pictures!!!
  Louise S.

8.    I love the website. I love to know that there are people out there that treat and care about their puggles just as well as I do!
  Augustina H.

9.    I just love this website, the best ever. Informative and really fun. Wondering if there are any puggle owners in East Tennessee that would be interested in an annual puggle picnic. If so drop me an email. Other puggles welcome as well.
  Kat B.

10.    Great website!! Loved learning all about puggles and wonderful to learn our Zoey is doing all things PUGGLE!!
  Lucille L.

11.    I just became a member and already have learned a great deal. The pictures, video clips and forum are so much fun for us pugglemaniacs! Thanks.
  Barbie K.

12.    Great website!! We have very few Puggles in our area~ I love looking at all of the Puggle pictures! Thank you for being here for our support!! ;)
  Trish L.

13.    Great site. I love looking at all the puppies.
  Bonnie B.

14.    This is the best puggle website on the internet. I used it several times to sell my puggles and I had so many responses to my For Sale ad. I will use this site again for my next litter of puggles.
  Kris P.

15.    I found the perfect puggle on this site. The breeder was very nice and he has been a great addition to our family.
  Becky V.

16.    This website is wonderful! I used it to help me find my puggle breeder and now I am a loyal user. I love all the pics and think it is great that the site is interactive. I always look forward to the weekly poll. I've learned a great deal. Thanks!
  Rebecca O.

17.    Hi, I had an overwhelming response to my ad. Thank you.
  Margaret G.

18.    We are so glad you are on the web. It's a nice site that is easy to use. I've posted a For Sale Ad and have had good responses. It's been very beneficial.
  Kim B.

19.    You have more puggle members than any other site I have been to. I'm glad I have found this website where I can talk to other puggle owners and share my pictures.
  Alice R.

20.    Awesome website. I love visiting the Puggle Forum.
  Tim T.

21.    We were able to find a wonderful puggle through Thank you for your wonderful website! I will continue to visit frequently as I love the photos and other features!
  Sarah V.

22.    Thanks, keep up the good work. We love your web site.
  Tauny L.

23.    Great website on Puggles! Best one I have seen yet on information related to puggles. Just ran across it recently searching the internet for puggle information. Thanks for providing such a useful and fun website for all to enjoy!
  Perry S.

24.    Informative and fun. You're doing a great job.
  Jason H.


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