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Blue the Puggle from Plainfield, IN USA
Male Fawn Puggle born on 4/4/2007
Puggle Bio 

About Me:
At 20 months, Blue is still a ball of energy, He's too funny! He can go from 0 to 60 just as fast as he can go from 60 to 0. After running around the yard for a few hours, you can find him asleep on the "pooch perch". (the back of the couch)

I am 13 inches tall and weigh 31 lbs.

My mom is a beagle and my dad is a pug.

I am a 1st generation puggle.

Boo Boy, Menace

Running around in the yard, grabbing socks out of the hamper

Getting his nails filed, vacuum cleaner

Best Trick:
Wiping his feet at the back door

Favorite Food:
Blue Buffalo

Favorite Treat:
Bully Sticks, pig snouts

Favorite Toy:
Treat ball, mutt-mop

Favorite Place To Sleep:
In bed with us

Favorite Place To Play:

Favorite Place To Walk:
In the park

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