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Daisy the Puggle from Oakland, CA USA
Female Multicolored Puggle born on 8/22/2010
Puggle Bio 

About Me:
I found her wandering the street no collar, no tags, she had just had puppies and was dumped. I fell in love at first sight. She was riddled with fleas and was filthy. I gave her a bath, took her to two vets to have her scanned for a chip, posted flyers etc. We had her for a month before my husband gave in and said we could keep her. I immediately got her spayed, vaccinated and licensed. We have 2 other dogs and 6 cats, Daisy gets along with them all!

I weigh 30 lbs.


laying on her back so we can rub her tummy, standing on her hind legs, playing with her toys, sitting on my lap, walking off leash on the regional trails with her friends

Sharing her toys

Best Trick:
she howls when she's happy (a very quiet howl), she plays ball by herself

Favorite Food:

Favorite Treat:

Favorite Toy:
yellow long puppy, any ball, white goose, blue turtle, playing fetch

Favorite Place To Sleep:
in her nest (aka her messy bed with toys, bones and my shoes )

Favorite Place To Play:
on the trails

Favorite Place To Walk:
on the trails

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