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Milo the Puggle from Derry, United Kingdom
Male Fawn Puggle born on 6/3/2011
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About Me:
Milo plays very well with our other pup - Spud (border terrier). Milo loves his food sooo much! he goes crazy for it when I pour it out. He loves having company and would winge if he is left alone. He is a very social and loyal dog. he likes to be next to me all the time.

I am 10 inches tall and weigh 8 lbs.

My mom and dad are puggles.


Playing with his pal Spud out in the garden. Likes getting up onto the sofa

Being left alone

Best Trick:
Dominating Spud (other dog)

Favorite Food:
Anything crunchy

Favorite Toy:
teddy bears, plastic bottles

Favorite Place To Sleep:
In Spuds bigger bed!

Favorite Place To Play:
Back garden

Favorite Place To Walk:

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