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Betty Crocker the Puggle from Scottsdale, AZ USA
Female Fawn Puggle born on 2/7/2010
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About Me:
Hi. My name is Betty. I'm a dog. Well, the people that own me think that I am a dog, but I am really a zebra. I don't want to upset them or anything by telling them this, but I am really from the Serengeti. I really like putting things in my mouth. My favorite things are covered in peanut butter, but I really like just about anything. I'm pretty good at pulling up carpet and removing the trash from the trash can, so I think I'm pretty darn useful. My parents think that I am uncontrollably crazy, but I don't really see why. Sometimes I just sit down and sleep for hours on end and... wait... I have to run, I found a new corner of carpet to pull up. Bye! Oh wait. I have a blog... it's www.dognamedbetty.blogspot.com. Hope you like it!

I weigh 11 lbs.

My mom is a pug and my dad is a beagle.

I am a 1st generation puggle.

Bettytown, Ms. Crocker, Bettylicious

Eating Carpet

Favorite Food:
Peanut Butter

Favorite Place To Sleep:

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