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Lucy the Puggle from Westerville, OH USA
Female Fawn Puggle born on 5/20/2008
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About Me:
Lucy is the most lovable puggle you will ever meet. She loves to meet new people and make new friends. She is a hyper little girl and loves to play. When she finally tires out for the day she would give anything to cuddle up on a warm blanket, in a lap or on the couch. Lucy has so many great qualities but some of our favorites include; crazy puggle after bath, famous head tilt, running around with her butt close to the ground, sounding like a lion when she yawns and occupying herself while she chases her tail. Lucy's most distinguishing characteristic is her "snaggle tooth" She has the biggest underbite ever! This causes her bottom left tooth to get stuck on the outside of her upper lip. It is her calling card! She is a quick learner and loves to be challenged. We are currently trying to train her to not jump all over people when the come to the house. Wish us luck!

I weigh 19 lbs.

My mom is a beagle and my dad is a pug.

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jumping, kissing, playing, cuddling, people, walks

Best Trick:
roll over

Favorite Food:
peanut butter

Favorite Toy:
nylabone and kong

Favorite Place To Sleep:
mommy or daddies lap

Favorite Place To Play:
outside, inside, all over

Favorite Place To Walk:

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