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Bella the Puggle from Wilmington, NC USA
Female Fawn Puggle born on 9/24/2007
Puggle Bio 

About Me:
So full of energy and love! She has a small dog complex and will only play with big dogs at the dog park. She is still eating things she isn't supposed to (i.e. underwear, shoes, etc.). Listens fairly well and really well if she is in trouble! She is the love of our lives!

I weigh 26 lbs.

My mom is a beagle and my dad is a pug.

I am a 1st generation puggle.

Bell, Belly Button, Bellsy, Sweet Pea, Snuggle Butt

snuggling, eating things she is not supposed to, running

vacuum cleaner and carrots

Best Trick:
"Spin" - stands on hind legs and spins in a circle

Favorite Food:
human food

Favorite Treat:
rawhide bones

Favorite Toy:
tennis balls

Favorite Place To Sleep:
in between mommy and daddy

Favorite Place To Play:
dog park

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