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Bruiser the Puggle from Illinois, IL USA
Male Fawn Puggle born on 8/14/2008
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About Me:
Bruiser is a very playful first generation puggle. I drove 13 hours to Arkansas in September of 08. Bruiser loves to play and run ramped. He loves to tease and play catch me if you can. He acts tough but as soon as you touch his chest he instantly rolls over and is smitten to anyone who will do so. He's all PLAY PLAY PLAY and then ZZzzzZZzzz and repeat.

I am 13 inches tall.

My mom is a beagle and my dad is a pug.

I am a 1st generation puggle.

Bruise, The Bruise,

going for walks, tug of war

Cold, rain

Best Trick:
Sit and Stay(he

Favorite Food:
California Natural

Favorite Toy:
Sqeaky toy and DOMO the stuffed animal

Favorite Place To Sleep:
On anything soft or curled up on the couch with me

Favorite Place To Play:

Favorite Place To Walk:

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